Elevating Orthopaedic Healthcare: The Power of Systemized Practice

Thursday, December 07, 2023

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 Hey there, it's Tom here to talk about the critical role systems play in our daily practice as healthcare professionals.

Navy Seals understand the significance of systematic training in high-stress situations. They repeat skills rigorously because, in moments of intense pressure, our cognitive brain can falter, leaving the more primal parts in charge. The implications of lacking systematic training in these scenarios are severe, affecting both individual and team outcomes.

Now, I won't liken our work stress to that of Navy Seals, but as clinicians, we face the need for quick thinking and problem-solving throughout our day. The accumulation of fatigue can impact our ability to deliver quality care consistently.

Ask yourself: Do you have a system that seamlessly applies to every client, regardless of their injury or condition? Can you consistently identify the root issue, implement a solution, and initiate positive change from the first appointment to the last?

If you've felt the mental drain or a decline in performance by the end of your work shift, you understand the necessity of a system. It brings consistency to your approach, reducing errors caused by fatigue and freeing up mental energy to focus on intricate treatment details.

A decade ago, I faced a similar struggle. Despite amassing knowledge from numerous courses, I found myself disorganized, unsure which tool or method best suited each client. My toolbox was full, but I lacked clarity on which tool was optimal for each situation.

I embarked on a journey to streamline my practice, to be more than just skilled at being confused. I realized that taking countless courses wasn't the solution; it only added to the confusion.

The AMT System was born out of this need for clarity and consistency. It's designed to keep you on your A-game throughout the day, conserving mental energy for client education and targeted interventions. It's the compass in a sea of information overload, directing you straight to the problem.

Early in my career, I wished for a solution that could streamline my process and preserve mental energy. That's why I developed this system—to spare fellow clinicians the confusion and uncertainty I faced.

Let's transcend the chaos of information overload. Embrace a system that empowers you to deliver top-notch care consistently, keeping you sharp and energized not just during work hours but beyond.

Stay focused, keep striving for greatness.

Tom Swales, founder AMT System

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Hi, I'm Tom Swales

Founder of the Advanced Movement Therapist Certification & AMT System

I'm a seasoned Physiotherapist and Strength Coach and on a mission to elevate orthopedic healthcare globally. I love to simplify complex practices and through the AMT system I'm empowering clinicians to deliver precise treatments and speed up patient recovery.
Let's set new standards & get patients better, faster!

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