I don't have a Passion, I have an Obsession!

Thursday, December 21, 2023

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 I don't have a Passion, I have an OBSESSION!

I can't turn off my brain!

I am constantly thinking and creating connections and meaning behind what I do, what I learn and how it all comes together to make sense.

The problems I incur come home with me and stay with me until I have the solution.

I learn new things everyday and then obsess over its relevance and meaning and try to integrate it somehow.

My obsession with the human body, performance, health, recovery, laws of nature, how the world works, how the universe works, energies, vibrations and frequencies has my head spinning most days.

I have times where it is overwhelming and gets the better of me, shifting my thoughts and mood into a negative direction.


I realize there's too much chaos in my mind, too many open loops, too many tabs open on the computer, and I'm bogging down.

I find solace in answers and knowledge, because knowledge is power and provides a sense of control, at least perceived control.

Finding connections and closing thought loops provides me insights and direction as to the best possible outcomes and decisions.

I organize in my thoughts, theories, processes and procedures into my framework to free up storage and processing speed

Once it's all connected and compartmentalized in a meaningful way, I can move on and continue on with my obsession, learning, creating and teaching more about what I obsess about.

“Passions and hobbies are for losers. If you want to make an impact you have to be obsessed with what you are doing.” Naveen Jain

When I heard this I just f*cking laughed, because he’s right!

Your hobbies and passions you just do when it's convenient, when you find the time, and it's not a priority because you can start and stop anytime you feel like it. There’s no urgency to do it, the world can wait for it forever.

Obsession, there are no other choice but to do the work, create the thing, share it with the world because deep down you know it will help others in a profound way.

My question to you then is, what is your obsession?

What is the one thing that you jump out of bed for?

And no matter how many setbacks, mistakes and pain it causes you, are you still going to push forward?

It's now been almost a decade since I began this suck fest of learning, testing and perfecting what I feel is my highly refined and organized obsession.

Not only has it helped me get to where i am, work with the people i have, and create the world class facility I dreamed of


Helped bring up those around me to do the same.

I never chased money, it was never the carrot that motivated me, which is obvious since I'm in health care.

I've always loved movement, health, the human body and the potential it has to do amazing things and building a wealth of knowledge is critical to be exceptional in this realm,


You can only retain so much,
You can only think so fast,
You have only so much time,

Which then limits the impact with the number of people you can help.

Becoming better, faster and effective can expand time to help more people over the span of a year and your impact in your community, profession and life will be that much more fulfilling.

So if you're obsessed like I am, and this all makes sense.

I invite you to check out all our courses to gain more insight into how you can expand your obsession.

Keep Striving for Greatness!

Tom Swales, founder AMT Systems

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Hi, I'm Tom Swales

Founder of the Advanced Movement Therapist Certification & AMT System

I'm a seasoned Physiotherapist and Strength Coach and on a mission to elevate orthopedic healthcare globally. I love to simplify complex practices and through the AMT system I'm empowering clinicians to deliver precise treatments and speed up patient recovery.
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