Increase Precision in Your Practice with this One Test!

Sunday, April 16, 2023

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Maximize your therapeutic skills with the Kinetic Straight Leg Raise (KSLR) - a bio-feedback movement test that can revolutionize your practice! This powerful tool, part of the cutting-edge Advanced Movement Therapist (AMT) System, takes the guesswork out of diagnosis and treatment, helping you achieve exceptional precision and results.

Check out this fascinating video showcasing the KSLR in action: Observe how we used touch testing to identify limited left thoraco-lumbar rotation in a patient. Thanks to the KSLR's bio-feedback system, we could accurately determine the most effective treatment plan. By applying caudal compression to the left anterior ribs and an anterior lift to the right posterior ribs, we stimulated the patient's nervous system, mobilizing her fascial system with focused breathing.

The results were remarkable - on retesting, the patient's thoracic rotation demonstrated a marked improvement in both quality and quantity. With the KSLR, you can take your practice to the next level and achieve exceptional outcomes for your patients.

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Hi, I'm Tom Swales

Founder of the Advanced Movement Therapist Certification & AMT System

I'm a seasoned Physiotherapist and Strength Coach and on a mission to elevate orthopedic healthcare globally. I love to simplify complex practices and through the AMT system I'm empowering clinicians to deliver precise treatments and speed up patient recovery.
Let's set new standards & get patients better, faster!

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