Revolutionizing Orthopaedic Healthcare: The AMT System Unveiled

Sunday, December 03, 2023

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Revolutionizing Orthopaedic Healthcare

The AMT System Unveiled

Hey there, everyone! Today, I’m unveiling a game-changer in orthopaedic healthcare: the Advanced Movement Therapist (AMT) system. It’s been quite the journey developing this innovation, and I can’t wait to share how it’s transforming the way we approach treatments and accelerating patient recovery.

Let me take you back a bit. My name is Tom Swales, and my quest for knowledge kicked off back in 2002 when I earned my Bachelor of the Arts in Athletic Training with honors at Graceland University. Juggling academics and a soccer scholarship wasn’t easy, but it laid the foundation for what was to come. Fast forward to 2006, and I completed my Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Western Ontario. Along the way, I racked up certifications in manual therapy, acupuncture, strength and conditioning, nutrition, concussion management and dozen's and dozen's of related courses and workshops.

But let’s not focus solely on the certificates. It’s the experiences that truly define my journey. From supporting the Canadian World Cup Men's and Women's Alpine Ski Team to playing a pivotal role during the TO Pan Am Games, my dedication extended beyond individual treatments to shaping the next generation of physiotherapists at the University of Toronto.

Now, let’s talk about the spark that ignited the AMT system.
Picture years of relentless courses, trial and error, and still not achieving the desired outcomes for my clients. It dawned on me—it wasn’t about lacking techniques but lacking an organized assessment process and true understanding of fundamental principles and rules that the human mind and body run on.

Over the last decade of trial and error and perfecting my own personal treatment system that was proving consistent success with my patients and athlete's, it limited my time to be able to help more people. It got to the point I was working 50+ hour weeks and had a 2+ month waiting list for people who really needed help. Time was finite and people needed help!

Witnessing my peers, falling short, and missing things that seemed so apparent and obvious to me.
I quickly realized that they weren't using a framework and system that organized their assessment process and create consistency in their treatment approach that prioritized relevant information and structures.

I started to realize that I was doing something most clinicians don't do and that is to use an organized framework built from fundamental principles that don’t change and apply them into a system that directs me to the root cause and primary drivers of someone's pain.

I needed to find a way to organize this method into a system that every clinician could easily integrate and continue to build and integrate their ever growing body of knowledge. It led me to create a system that organizes assessments and guides clinicians to the core reasons behind pain. After six years of dedication, the AMT framework emerged—a continuously evolving system that simplifies complexities and consistently delivers successful outcomes.

So, what’s the heart of the AMT system? It’s a user-friendly framework for assessing and prescribing exercises, embracing a holistic approach to patient care. It empowers clinicians to tailor treatments for each patient, ensuring a swift return to their activities.

And here’s the exciting part—the success stories. Clinicians like Nicole Liolios are raving about how AMT transformed their approach, making assessments and treatments clearer and more effective. Michael Arcuri emphasizes the system’s efficiency and accuracy, streamlining assessments into actionable, results-driven treatment plans. Shawn Ord highlights how AMT takes everything into account, offering a comprehensive framework that truly makes a difference in patient care.

This isn’t just an introduction; it’s an invitation. If you’re seeking a more efficient, effective model of care, the AMT system might just be your missing piece. It’s about elevating patient care and revolutionizing orthopaedic healthcare.

Join me on this transformative journey. Let’s revolutionize orthopaedic healthcare together, one patient at a time!

- Keep Striving for Excellence

Tom Swales, founder AMT System

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Hi, I'm Tom Swales

Founder of the Advanced Movement Therapist Certification & AMT System

I'm a seasoned Physiotherapist and Strength Coach and on a mission to elevate orthopedic healthcare globally. I love to simplify complex practices and through the AMT system I'm empowering clinicians to deliver precise treatments and speed up patient recovery.
Let's set new standards & get patients better, faster!

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