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Empower Yourself to Help Clients Better, Faster!

Introducing a Fresh Framework: Discover a brand-new system designed to streamline your assessment process and consolidate your existing orthopedic knowledge. Empowering you to pinpoint the root cause more efficiently.

Establish a Seamless Flow: Learn how to create a continuous and harmonious flow in your assessments, incorporating orthopedic, movement, and neurological evaluations. Enabling you to develop a precise and effective plan for resolving your clients' concerns.

Prioritize Interventions: Master the art of prioritizing interventions based on what truly matters, selecting the right tools, and understanding when and how to use them. Our guided system ensures you achieve superior results.

Build a Strong Foundation: Acquire essential knowledge of fundamental principles that will lay the groundwork for more advanced skills in Level 2. Knowledge that will propel your career and serve more.

The Framework

Harness the Power of AMT Foundations: On Demand Workshop to Unlock Your Potential to Help Others Get Better, Faster!

Use a systematic approach around fundamental principles of Psychology, Neurology, Biology and Physics to SIMPLIFY and better UNDERSTAND your client’s needs and how you can get them Better, Faster!


  • Psychology: Communication (verbal/non-verbal), creates connection to establish trust. The use of language on the mental/emotional and physical body, creating hope by removing barriers and limiting beliefs, becoming the guide to lead them to their end goal.​
  • Neurology: Feedback and assessment outcomes are predicated in the Postural assessment (organization of inputs), movement, muscle testing and force production (output responses). Measure effectiveness of your interventions (inputs) through the output of the nervous system (body) to determine effectiveness.
  • Biology:  Adaptation of cells and tissues, effects of treatment, hormone changes, embryological development, order of systems and tissue development, allocation of resources to systems and tissues.

  • Physics: The universal laws and principles that the universe runs on. Unchanging and indisputable. Matter vs Energy. All matter is created from energy. Everything vibrates at specific frequencies. Movement is energy and energy moves to the area of least resistance. Universal laws govern how things work and what is possible.

Whats Covered:

Develop your Framework, Consolidate Knowledge, Systematize your Process, Enhance Outcomes

Discover the Hidden Drivers Behind Pain: Delve deeper into your patients' history beyond their current pain or injury. Uncover potential contributors from past trauma, habits, surgeries, and mindsets to gain a more comprehensive perspective that will transform your patient outcomes.

Create Seamless Continuity with Assessments: Achieve seamless continuity with your patients using Orthopedic, Movement, and Neurological Assessments. These assessments will give you the insights you need to guide your patients effectively towards their goals and achieve maximum results.

Prioritize Your Intervention with Expert Guidance: Prioritize your interventions and achieve greater effectiveness using our expert guidance system. Learn what's important, when to use specific tools, and how to use them for optimal results.

Decode Body Language for Faster Diagnosis: Analyze posture and read the body's physical presentation to decode pain patterns and predict issues before they arise. These skills will transform your clinical assessments, helping you identify and resolve problems faster.

Unlock the Body's Movement Potential: Unleash your patients' full movement potential with the Global Movement Scan. This assessment helps you understand how the body moves as a single unit and provides feedback on intervention effectiveness, taking your patient outcomes to the next level.

Harness the Power of Breathing: Breathing is the key to unlocking your patients' potential. Our Breathing Fundamentals and Techniques will provide your clients with the awareness and efficiency they need to resolve pain and enhance their performance.

Locate Diagnosis with Expert Accuracy: The nervous system plays a critical role in responding to everything in the environment. Our Mechanical Neurological Scan combined with Movement and Muscle Testing will provide you with the accuracy you need to locate the diagnosis and deliver immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your intervention.

Create a Connection

Apply the Framework

Optimize Your Outcomes

Quickly Resolve Your Patient's Pain and Get Them Back to Doing What They Love -

What You Will Learn in the Level 1 Foundations:

  • A NEW framework to organize your assessment flow and consolidate your current orthopedic knowledge, so you can get to the root cause quicker!
  • ​Create continuity and “FLOW” using Orthopedic, movement and neurological assessments, so you can efficiently and effectively create a plan to solve your clients problem.
  • ​How to prioritize intervention by WHAT’S important, WHAT tool to use and WHEN and HOW to use it with a system that GUIDES you, so you can achieve greater outcomes.
  • ​Gain foundational knowledge of fundamental principles that will serve as a strong foundation for more complex skills in Level 2, so you can advance your career and SERVE MORE CLIENTS!

What's Included?

Master the Skills Needed for Faster and More Effective Treatments with Our Level 1 Foundations!

Start your journey today, and within weeks, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide faster and more effective treatments.

  • Unlock Knowledge at Your Fingertips: Instant Access, On Demand
  • Comprehensive Learning: 22 Video Modules (7 hrs of Digital Content)
  • Empowering You with Tools for Success: Digital Manual, Actionable Playbooks & Templates
  • Master the Material with Confidence: Video Study Guides, Quizzes & Final Exam
  • Elevate Your Credentials: Certificate of Completion + CEU Accredited Provider with CATA 3.2 , NASM 1.9, AFAA 15, BOC 8.0
  • ​​Risk-Free Learning: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Included

Get AMT Certified!

Become AMT Certified and Unlock Exclusive Benefits and Opportunities with Our Level 1 Foundations and Level 2 Advanced Courses. All you need to do is complete level 1 and 2, pass the exams, and you’ll be a Certified Advanced Movement Therapist. You’ll gain have access to exclusive Facebook group, course content and the AMT ambassador program!

Real Stories, Real Results


"The AMT provides a solid assessment and treatment framework"

"In PT school we are taught a number of assessments and treatments with minimal direction as to when, where, how and why they should be applied. As a new grad, trying to find what “sticks” and works best with patients can feel confusing and frustrating. The AMT provides a solid assessment and treatment framework that emphasizes the patient as a whole, and values selecting the most relevant treatment strategies to get the patient back to the activities they love as quickly as possible. With the AMT in my toolbox, I feel much more confident in my assessment and treatment skills. I would highly recommend this course to those searching for a more efficient and effective model of care for their patients!"

Nicole Liolios, PT

"Ensures you are applying the right intervention, at the right time, in the right way that yields the greatest results."

"The AMT provides efficiency and accuracy. It solves the problem of erratic assessments, where findings are hard to make sense of and patients are left with a random assortment of 15 exercises for their HEP that IF they stick to, will take way too much time and not yield the results they are expecting. Instead, the AMT guides your practice in a way that allows you to streamline your assessment findings so you know when you see something, what it means, and what to do about it. The AMT is able to take all your jumbled, scattered thoughts and findings and funnel them down into a client-centered treatment plan that ensures you are applying the right intervention, at the right time, in the right way that yields the greatest results."

Michael Arcuri, PT

"The techniques they use make a lot of sense and really help your practice."

"It’s a really valuable certification! If you think you know exercise, you don’t really know advanced exercises until you work through the AMT system. The techniques they use make a lot of sense and really help your practice. Some other courses just look at one specific region of the body but this one takes everything all together, gives you a framework and really does make you a better practitioner and help your patients."

Shawn Ord, PT

"Hands down one of the best courses to expand your movement tool box!"

"As a Registered Kinesiologist, the AMT Level 1/2 courses have provided me with the knowledge and the tools to further assess my clients and enhanced my own skill set and abilities in my daily kin practice. Its efficiency and effectiveness cuts down a lot of time in assessment and gets you into the proper treatment for your clients. I would highly recommend this course to any Kinesiologist who strives for a better understanding of the nervous system working with the musculoskeletal system, to not only help their own clientele but to gain a greater insight and confidence in how they treat their clients. Hands down one of the best courses to expand your movement tool box!"

Mallory Rodriquez, Reg. Kin

Learning Modules Included in Level 1: 

  • Module 1: Introduction To The AMT Certification
  • Module 2: Subjective Assessment
  • Module 3: Objective Assessment
  • ​Module 4: ​Global Movement Scan (GMS)
  • ​Module 5: The Neurological System
  • Module 6: Optimal Range of Motion
  • ​Module 7: Muscle Testing
  • Module 8: Language & Communication
  • Module 9: Movement Therapy Foundations
  • ​Module 10: Movement Foundations: Starting From The “Centre” and Building From the Ground Up
  • Module 11: Organizing and Sequencing Movement Through Breath
  • Module 12: Posture & Positioning
  • Module 13: Neurodynamic's
  • ​Module 14: ​Cervical Spine: A Top-Down Approach
  • ​Module 15: Working From The Centre: The Thorax & Lumbar Spine
  • Module 16: Spinal Rehabilitation and Reintegration
  • Module 17: Foot & Ankle
  • ​Module 18: Hands & Wrists
  • ​Module 19: The Shoulder Complex
  • ​Module 20: The Hip
  • ​Module 21: The Knee
  • ​Module 22: The Elbow


Frequently Asked Questions

 What type of clientele is this suitable for?

The AMT system is applicable to any level of client due to its adaptable and scalable framework. This model will expand your clinical reasoning skills when treating and working with all patients young and old, high and low functioning.

 Who can take these courses?

Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers/Therapists,  Personal trainers, Strength & Conditioning coaches & anyone in the field of human movement who are or want to be Movement Experts.

 How do I get AMT Certified?

To become AMT ™ Certified, you need to fulfill two requirements: first, complete both the AMT Level 1 Foundations and Level 2 Advanced courses. Second, you must challenge both exams and score 80% or higher. Once you have successfully completed both exams, email AMT to begin the registration process.

If your application is approved, you will receive your certificate via mail, and you can start promoting yourself as a Certified Advanced Movement Therapist! You will receive Special Access to events,  new course content & our ambassador program!

 Do you accept refund requests?

We are confident that our courses when implemented using the FRAMEWORK provided will help you achieve your clinical goals. However, we understand that sometimes it may not be the right fit for everyone.

That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products within 30 days of your purchase, please let us know and we will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

 What if I have questions about course content?

Submit your questions to: to make sure you get the answers you need. 

 Whats included in each course?

Every course includes lifetime access to high-quality, on-demand video instruction, digital manuals and/or workbooks to follow along, worksheets or guides to use in your practice.