Welcome to the world of Kinetic Chain Muscle Testing (KCMT):

A revolutionary approach to assessing muscle output and connectivity in the body, exclusively to the AMT system, designed specifically for physical therapists and movement experts like you.

Are you struggling with limited diagnostic accuracy and ineffective treatment approaches in your practice?

Traditional isolation muscle testing often doesn't tell us much regarding how a muscle is being influenced by the muscles above and below it or how it is working with them. Often, if a muscle tests "weak," we assume that it's not strong and must strengthen it. Most of the time, that is not the case, as it is being negatively affected by something else in the kinetic chain.

KCMT is a more effective and practical approach to muscle testing, providing a greater understanding of functional neurology, enhancing the accuracy and specificity of exercise recommendations, and deepening your comprehension of muscular function within the body.

The theory behind kinetic chain muscle testing is based on the existing principles of PNF patterns, fascial lines, acupuncture meridians, and the kinetic chains observed and involved during all natural human movements. By employing these guiding principles, KCMT gives you a more comprehensive understanding of your client's nervous system, with a form of feedback to the effectiveness of your treatment based in neurology.

Through the use of specific hand placements, KCMT allows you to pinpoint areas of disconnection, inhibition, or overuse within the body, providing you with a feedback loop to analyze movement and performance. This approach gives you a more comprehensive understanding of your athlete's needs and the movement demands of their particular sport.

By locating weak links and connections in your client's muscle patterning, you can effectively re-integrate the parts back into the system, prescribing more precise and meaningful exercises for greater outcomes.

How KCMT will transform your practice:

  • ​Enhanced Diagnostics: KCMT provides a precise assessment of muscle connectivity, allowing for targeted treatment plans and improved outcomes.
  • ​Personalized Approach: KCMT enables real-time feedback to customize interventions, leading to optimized therapy sessions and better results.
  • ​Comprehensive Athlete Analysis: KCMT identifies weak links and imbalances, enabling tailored training programs to minimize injury and enhanced performance.

KCMT is a game-changer for physical therapists and movement experts who want to take their practice to the next level. With the on-demand educational video series, manual with
kinetic chain exercises references, and certificate of completion, you can start implementing this powerful approach into your practice today.

Incorporating Kinetic Chain Muscle Testing (KCMT) will revolutionize your approach, providing a more comprehensive assessment and understanding of muscle connectivity, allowing for precise diagnoses, targeted treatment plans and effective exercise prescription.

Join the movement and take your practice to
the next level with Kinetic Chain Muscle Testing.


"Taking the KCMT course has been a game-changer for my practice as a physical therapist. The enhanced diagnostic accuracy and comprehensive understanding of muscle connectivity have allowed me to pinpoint the root causes of my patients' issues more effectively. With KCMT, I can develop targeted treatment plans and recommend precise exercises, leading to faster recovery and improved outcomes. This course has truly transformed the way I approach patient care."

Sarah, Physical Therapist

"As a movement expert, I was constantly seeking a more personalized and effective approach to working with my clients. KCMT has exceeded my expectations. The ability to communicate with my clients' nervous systems and receive real-time feedback through movement and muscle testing has revolutionized my career. I can now tailor interventions and make immediate adjustments to optimize my clients sessions. KCMT has elevated my practice and empowered my clients to achieve remarkable results."

Mark, Movement Expert

"Before taking the KCMT course, I struggled with accurately identifying and addressing the underlying causes of my clients' muscle-related issues. KCMT has provided me with the tools and knowledge to take my diagnostic skills to a whole new level. The integration of functional neurology principles and understanding the influence of fascial lines, acupuncture meridians, and kinetic chains has been transformative. I can now develop targeted treatment plans and prescribe meaningful exercises, resulting in improved client outcomes and increased confidence in my practice."

Emily, Physical Therapist


Q: What background or qualifications do I need to take the KCMT course?

The KCMT course is designed for physical therapists, movement experts, coaches and other healthcare professionals who have a solid understanding of anatomy and physiology, and prescribe exercises for rehabilitation and performance. A background in these fields is recommended to fully benefit from the course content.

Q: How will the KCMT course benefit my practice?

The KCMT course will enhance your diagnostic accuracy, allowing you to identify areas of disconnection, inhibition, or overuse more effectively. This will lead to more precise treatment plans and exercise recommendations, resulting in improved patient outcomes. Additionally, KCMT provides a personalized approach, enabling you to communicate with your clients' nervous systems and make real-time adjustments to optimize therapy sessions.

Q: Will I receive any materials or certifications upon completion of the course?

Yes, upon registering for the KCMT course, you will receive instant access to our on-demand educational video series, a manual with references to Kinetic Chain Exercises, and a certificate of completion. These resources will support your continued learning and application of KCMT principles in your practice.

Q: Is the KCMT course suitable for beginners or those with limited experience in muscle testing?

While some foundational knowledge of muscle testing is beneficial, the KCMT course is designed to provide comprehensive training and understanding of the approach. It is suitable for individuals with varying levels of experience, as it covers the principles and techniques of KCMT in a structured manner.

Q: How can I integrate KCMT into my current practice?

The KCMT course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to immediately start implementing the approach into your practice. You will learn how to conduct the tests, analyze movement patterns, and develop targeted interventions. The provided manual and references will serve as ongoing resources to guide you in incorporating KCMT effectively.