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the Ultimate Shoulder Health Workshop

Are you tired of living with shoulder pain or worrying about potential injuries holding you back from your athletic goals? Whether you're an athlete striving for peak performance or a health professional looking to enhance your knowledge and skills, our Ultimate Shoulder Health Workshop is here to transform your understanding of shoulder health.

  • Grounded in sound training principles and a commitment to prevention and self-care.
  • ​Comprehensive workshop delves deep into shoulder health, teaching you valuable concepts like the "7 Pillars of Healthy Shoulders" and providing advanced techniques, backed by the trust of thousands of clinicians and athletes.
  • Get this workshop now to prevent injuries, ensure long-term joint health, and access valuable resources for a pain-free and limitless life.

Unlock the Secrets to Shoulder Health and Longevity
The shoulder joint is a marvel of complexity and mobility, but it's also one of the most susceptible areas of the body to injury. That's why we've created this comprehensive on-demand workshop, designed to empower you with the knowledge and strategies to maintain healthy shoulders for a lifetime.


A workshop that teaches athletes & movement professionals to use a simple and systematic approach to managing shoulders that are underperforming & possibly leading to injury.

What sets our workshop apart 

  • Prevent Shoulder Injuries: Learn quick and proven strategies to safeguard your shoulders from injury.
  • ​Train for Long-Term Joint Health: Discover the do's and don'ts of training to ensure your shoulders remain strong and resilient.
  • 7 Pillars of Healthy Shoulders: Master the seven essential principles for shoulder health and gain access to three easy steps you can perform at home to alleviate pain.
  • ​Self-Screen and Correct Imbalances: Become adept at self-screening and correcting mobility imbalances, all while strengthening and stabilizing your shoulders.
  • Enhance Mobility and Flexibility: Improve your overall mobility and flexibility, a vital component of shoulder health.
  • ​Treat Old Injuries: Effectively treat old injuries using sound training and rehabilitation principles.

"The shoulder health course was fantastic. There was a lot of great information that can be applied to all patients and clients, but also more advanced techniques that are great for the individuals capable of progressing more challenging exercises. Tom does a great job organizing the material to make it easy to follow and apply immediately. Anyone looking for a competitive edge in the sports performance and rehabilitation field shoulder keep an eye out Tom's workshop opportunities, you won't regret it."

- David Capstick
Athletic Therapist, Strength Coach University of Winnipeg 

What You'll Learn

Throughout this workshop, we cover a range of valuable topics, including:

  • Learn how to self-screen and correct imbalances, strengthen and stabilize
  • The 7 Principle Pillars for a healthy shoulder and 3 Practical Pillars
  • Corrective exercise techniques utilizing foam rollers, bands, kettlebells, and bodyweight exercises
  • ​Progressive program focusing on mobility and strength for the shoulder girdle complex, hips, and thoracic spine
  • ​Special Bonus: Step-by-step guidance to safely perform the strict muscle-up on Olympic rings and a straight bar.
  • ​Prevent shoulder injuries with quick proven strategies

Say goodbye to pain, hello to strength. unlock the full potential of your shoulders! 

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Invest in your shoulder health today and join thousands of clinicians and athletes who have already transformed their lives with our Ultimate Shoulder Health Workshop.

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  • ​BONUS Video Modules: Master the Muscle Up
  • ​30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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