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Explore Our Workshops Below To Accelerate Your Impact!

AMT Level 1: Foundations

Unlock Your Potential with AMT Foundations: A Systematic Approach to Get Clients Better, Faster

  • Fresh Framework: Explore a revolutionary system designed to streamline assessments, empowering you to identify root causes efficiently.
  • ​Seamless Flow: Establish a harmonious blend of orthopedic, movement, and neurological evaluations, enabling precise and effective client resolution plans.
  • Prioritize Interventions: Master the art of selecting and using the right tools with our guided system, ensuring results and a client-focused approach.

AMT Level 2: Advanced

Unlock Your Potential with AMT Foundations: A Systematic Approach to Get Clients Better, Faster

  • Top-Down Control Mastery: Learn specific interventions for enhanced brain-body control through proven manual therapy techniques that yield tangible results.
  • ​Functional Neurology Concepts: Tailor client-specific exercises based on Functional Neurology principles for unprecedented outcomes.
  • Sport-Specific Training: Accelerate client rehabilitation goals with advanced functional and sport-specific movement patterns, optimizing performance.

The SAM Scan

Trusted by Top Athletes: Used by elite organizations and athletes for real, impactful results.

  • Enhance Performance, Reduce Risk: SAM Scan, developed by Advanced Movement Therapist Tom Swales, is your all-in-one solution.
  • Identify Imbalances, Address Pain: Quickly pinpoint and address body imbalances to reduce orthopedic pain. 
  • ​Immediate Impact: Get SAM Scan now for instant insights and see tangible improvements in your training!​

Shoulder Health Workshop

Maximize Shoulder Health: Essential Workshop for Athletes & Movement Pros

  • Injury Prevention: Proven strategies for safeguarding shoulders.
  • ​Self-Screening Skills: Correct imbalances and strengthen effectively.
  • ​Long-Term Strength: Do's and don'ts for enduring shoulder resilience.

Kinetic Chain Muscle Testing

Take Your Diagnostic Skills To A Whole New Level!

  • ​Enhanced Diagnostics: KCMT offers a precise assessment of muscle connectivity, guiding targeted treatment plans for improved outcomes.
  • ​Personalized Approach: Real-time feedback enables customized interventions, optimizing therapy sessions and delivering superior results.
  • ​Comprehensive Athlete Analysis: Identify weak links and imbalances with KCMT, tailoring training programs to minimize injury and enhance performance.